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Allure Store Opens in New York Kitted Out With Swarm’s 'Folio Mirror' Smart Mirrors.

A new experiential retail store by beauty publication, Allure, opens its doors in New York City. The store serves as a physical extension of the Allure brand, inviting shoppers to an IRL environment. The retail-come-experience space represents Allure’s signature expertise and innovation with an array of tech features - including Swarm’s range of smart mirrors, Folio Mirrors - to enhance the in-store brand experience and digitally connect customers with brand and product content. READ MORE

Amazon has disrupted retail but can they crack the hair and beauty market?

So the news is out... Amazon is launching its first high-tech hair salon in Spitalfields, East London. The salon will feature augmented-reality mirrors allowing clients to virtually experiment with different colours and styles before taking the plunge with real-life treatments. READ MORE