Swarm Gets Virtual - Weekly Picks, 15th June

Levi’s Haus Miami: Winner of Activation by a Retail Brand at Adweek's Experiential Awards
Levi's partnered with Jam3 to launch their innovative and sustainable Future Finish technology at Art Basel in Miami. Jam3 created an interactive drop for exclusive merch with a beautiful countdown and an infinity-mirror.
Well-deserved winners at Adweek’s Experiential Awards, congratulations Jam3!

Is the Beauty Industry Leading with AR Experiences?
The beauty industry by its nature, very tactile – consumers want to get hands-on with products, get personal advice, and see items up close – none of which has been possible amid the pandemic. This has driven many in the industry to explore how technologies like AR can fill the gap.
Cosmetics giant MAC introduced a Virtual Try-On feature in partnership with YouCam, allowing customers to ‘try on’ various products via pictures and live videos, before making a purchase. 
Is this the future for the health and beauty industry, even beyond Covid-19? 

Creatives and Technologists: Perfect Partners or Odd Bedfellows?
We highly recommend this article by Trudy Hardingham and Zara Kerwood at George P. Johnson exploring the relationship of creatives and technologists. We are in firm agreement that new technologies open up opportunities for telling stories and when combined with creativity produces truly engaging activations.

Covid-19 Accelerates the Fashion World’s Adoption of Technology
REWIND’s Sol Rogers explores how embracing new technologies now will allow the fashion industry to be more resilient, relevant, and smarter in a post-Covid world. Great insights into technology’s impact on speed to market, waste and ecological impact, and closing the gap between online and offline channels.

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