Swarm Gets Disruptive - Weekly Picks, 10th August

This week we are highlighting stories about the brands and organisations who are bravely disrupting traditional markets with digital/physical experiences to engage their customers and visitors in new and exciting ways.


Burberry launches first “social media store” in China

Burberry’s ‘social media store’ aims to connect shoppers’ “online life with in-store life” integrated with a customer WeChat app mini-programme. The app allows customers to engage with in-store items, learn about products and share their own content. Every action customers take within the app will be awarded with ‘social currency’ which will in turn unlock rewards. Will this digitally incentivised experience be the future of retail?

Amazon intends to launch 30 Amazon Go cashierless stores in the UK

Already operational in Chicago, San Francisco and New York, Amazon Go has now set its sights on the UK retail market. Disrupting the convenience food market, Amazon Go stores enable users to bypass the physical transaction part of the retail experience, enabling customers to simply scan and go. With the first stores reportedly going live in London at the end of 2020, we’ll keep a watchful eye on how this technology trend influences other retailers' strategy when it comes to customer experience. 

Tech-driven consumers are reshaping retail's next normal

This new report from Periscope by McKinsey examines the shift in shopper behaviour and expectations before and during COVID-19. With research showing that digital penetration for retailers has experienced the equivalent of 10 years growth in just three months, this report has some excellent insights into how retailers can plan recovery and excel in the ‘next normal’ for customer experience. 

Museums bring history to life with AR

Interesting insights exploring the evolution of AR from gaming into meaningful applications within attractions, museums and galleries across the world. The examples featured in this article prove that AR can enhance exhibitions by increasing the potential to engage, entertain and educate in an interactive and fun way. 

When Art Met Education

Continuing the theme of museums and galleries, in this month’s insight article from Swarm, we explore how brands can learn from the arts world, as the convergence of art and education can deliver in the ultimate customer experience.


Image Credit: Financial Review