Swarm's Musings on Retail - Weekly Picks, 17th August

The world of retail and customer experience is in a constant state of flux with design, technology, and audiences continually evolving. This week we highlight how these factors are impacting retail and how brand experiences must continue to evolve to match this demand. 


Tapping into the future of physical retail

This case study from Business of Fashion expertly examines the importance of the brick-and-mortar store and how it complements the online experience. Despite a fleet of brands reducing their physical footprints, this report highlights the tangible brand and marketing opportunities that only physical retail stores can truly deliver to their customers. Navigating the evolving relationship between digital commerce and brick-and-mortar commerce will be critical for retailers operating in 2020 and beyond. 


How mixing art & retail can work in China (and how it can’t)

We believe that innovative and memorable environments are a key element in creating impactful customer and brand experiences. In 2009, Adrian Cheng founded the “museum-retail” concept K-11, which became China’s first art mall, since then the trend for creating boundary-pushing blended art-inspired retail experiences has evolved across China meeting the needs of the experience-hungry Generation Z. This article provides an insight into lifestyle-driven retail environments that fulfill Gen Z’s consumer and social needs. 


Swarovski brings digitised 'Crystal Studio' concept to UK

Following the success of the ‘Crystal Studio’ concept stores in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, jewellery retailer Swarovski has opened their newest concept store in central London. Bringing innovative design and digital features to its customers, the Crystal Studio concept store aims to meet the digital demands of consumers, while offering them a unique and immersive brand and shopping experience.


Top retail technology trends from the not so distant future

This article provides a snapshot of the future of retail, highlighting some of the biggest retail technology changes that brands and agencies should anticipate in the near future in order to stay competitive in the retail industry. Read on to discover how extended realities, predictive analytics, smart recommendation engines, automation and face recognition will be impacting the world of retail. 

Why Tokyo’s new transparent public restrooms are a stroke of genius

We couldn’t help but feature the impressive “The Tokyo Toilet Project” in this week's picks. This summer, Nippon Foundation launched “The Tokyo Toilet Project,” tasking 16 well-known architects to design and renovate 17 public toilets located in the public parks of Shibuya, one of the busiest commercial areas of Tokyo. The mission was to apply innovative design to make public bathrooms accessible for everyone. We love to see playful designs that solve real-world problems.


Read more about Swarm’s own retail insights in The Retail Renaissance, where we explore what the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience looks like in a post-pandemic world and what role technology and design will play in this new environment. 

Image Credit: Jing Daily