Swarm Gets Uplifted - Monthly Picks, January.

To begin the new year, this month’s selection of Swarm’s favourite stories of inspiration and insights from the world of brand experiences and beyond include: The psychological needs behind events and live experiences, how hotels and retailers are adapting their offerings to the needs of the consumer climate of today and some uplifting design inspiration from architectural pavilions around the world. 

The future of physical retail: Brand executives explain why they’re still investing in new store locations
Vogue business explores the retail brands who have thrived throughout 2020, opening new stores against the global tide of closures. Discover the concepts these brands have adopted that are driving this niche growth and what we can learn from these bold investments. 

Future of Hotel Fitness: More On-Demand, Tech-Driven and Branded
75% of Millenials say that health and fitness is one of the most important things in their lives. This manifests in the commercial world in the popularity of athleisure in retail, as well as the growth of boutique fitness studios providing the full ‘lifestyle’ experience. In recent years, hotel brands have begun investing heavily in their fitness facilities and programming, building this trend into the fabric of their offering with brand partnerships, on-demand services and cutting-edge facilities. Read more about the hotel brands exploiting this article from Skift

Architectural pavilions: architects packing a big punch with small structures
Exploring the world of creativity in the real world, Wallpaper highlights architectural pavilions across the globe that bring together community, culture and creative concepts using innovative design and build craftmanship. Discover the finest pavilions from London to Syberia here

Why the hospitality & entertainment industry shouldn't lose hope...it's in the science
Megan Morass, co-Founder of creative communications agency Full Fat, takes a scientific view at why humans desire live, physical, emotional, visceral, experiences as part of our cognitive needs, therefore creative experiences, live events, the arts and hospitality had better brace themselves for a busy future. Read more about the fascinating science behind human experience here

One Industry One Voice
Over 100 agencies, promoters and organisers from the biggest to the smallest and 100+ venues and suppliers have joined a coalition - One Industry One Voice - in raising awareness of the role the UK events industry plays in enriching our lives by creating memorable experiences. The campaign is designed to reassure, inspire and educate in order to mobilise the live industries in line with guidance for re-opening in 2021. Get involved here.  

Swarm Freelance Network
To ensure we, as an agency, can deliver on future opportunities, we’re continually searching for new people with unique skillsets to guarantee we have the very best talent available to our clients. At Swarm, we are growing our network of talented individuals and contractors who can help us to deliver extraordinary brand experiences for our global clients. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, register your interest here.

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Image Credit: Loro Piana, Vogue Business