Breaking News: Leading Experience Agency, Swarm, seeks Crowdfunding for Gaming Software to end Lockdown Fatigue

Swarm’s Hybrid Escape Room will bring the experience of a physical escape room into your own home. A leading investor and expert in reverse psychology, said “It’s a terribly brilliant idea”

Dr S Logan, Head of communication, said:

“We know people want to Get Out - Bugger off - Stay Safe. When this game launches everyone will be Locked in - Zoomed Out – Run Down.”

Head of social distancing at Imperial college Stefanie A Tinches, said:

“We reached out to our network, at arm’s length to devise the most challenging escape room. Using emerging technologies like IRL experiences we will create offices out of cupboards, desks out of ironing boards and even teachers out of parents.”

Each level of the game increases in difficulty. Starting with simple co-ordination challenges like simultaneously singing a song and washing your hands progressing to more difficult conundrums. In user testing, no one has got past the question, “How do you spend £37bn on an App?” A Swarm insider told us that at the highest level, the user faces moral dilemmas, so difficult you won’t know if you are Cummings or going.

Swarm will develop their own platform using Machine Artificial Superficial Kindness to ensure the programme is completely virus free. Initial development proposed gathering data through a cloud. This gave a misty view, but that bug has finally been cleared. The more surprising impact recorded in users has been a serious loss of taste. Long hair, smart jackets and jogging pants look to become a socially acceptable outfit.

Crowdfunding has been seriously affected this year but now restrictions are lifted to groups of 6 we expect significant demand. For exclusive offers available today only please contact our crowdfunding page here: “Burst-my-Bubble”

If there is one thing, we have learnt this year. It’s not to take things too seriously and try and have some fun. Get Out Now is now available.