Allure Store Opens in New York Kitted Out With Swarm’s 'Folio Mirror' Smart Mirrors.

A new experiential retail store by beauty publication, Allure, opens its doors in New York City. The store serves as a physical extension of the Allure brand, inviting shoppers and the beauty community to an IRL environment on New York City's Lafayette Street.

The retail-come-experience space represents Allure’s signature unparalleled expertise and innovation with an exciting array of tech features - including Swarm’s range of smart mirrors, Folio Mirror, to enhance the in-store brand experience and digitally connect customers with brand and product content. 

Folio Mirror in the Allure store has four key functions to engage customers: 

  • Take a selfie
  • Create a tutorial
  • Leave a review
  • Create a look

Each Folio Mirror function allows customers to tag the brands that they’re featuring from a live, online inventory and instantly sends the customer a secure link via mobile with the video or photo content, with customisable Allure branding, for them to share on their social channels. This simplified user experience of capturing and delivering content is ideal for busy retail environments, enabling customers to easily create their bespoke digital content as part of their connected shopping experience.

Watch Folio Mirror in action within the Allure Store here.

"As consumers begin to return to in-store shopping, innovation is critical for brands to cut through the noise. Allure Store is reimagining retail with an entirely new approach to beauty, combining its trusted editorial voice and unparalleled expertise to create a first of its kind, 360-degree immersive shopping experience. The store illustrates how much we can flex our powerful brands by extending Allure's iconic IP into a physical retail space,"

- Markus Grindel, managing director, global brand licensing, Condé Nast. 

“We at Swarm understood that technology, however attention-grabbing, had to come secondary to the customer’s experience, working seamlessly with the store design, digital content and complementing events that take place within the experience space. That’s why Folio Mirror was the ideal addition to the Allure Store, enabling customers and influencers to engage digitally with the Allure brand and in-store products whilst collecting customer feedback and data to support marketing and inventory decision-making.”

- Ray Harris, owner, Swarm & Folio Mirror. 

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Folio Mirrors are interactive mirrors that blend the digital and physical worlds. Powered by cutting edge sensory technology, Folio Mirrors connect humans and brands with unique brand experiences. The Folio Mirrors range includes Folio Fitness, Folio Selfie, Folio Tutorial and Folio Loyalty to meet the needs of brands and their consumers alike.

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