Ray's Reigate Half-Marathon 'Guess my Time' Results!

The results are in!


Huge congratulations to Ray who completed the Reigate Half-Marathon in a marvellous time of 1:57:15.

As promised ahead of the run, whoever guessed Ray's run time accurately and donated to his Just Giving page - Ray would then make a donation three times that contribution. Good news... A £30 donation was made for this exact time, so Ray will be tripling this donation! 

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to this massively important cause and supported Ray, who has now smashed his fundraising target for Bone Cancer Research Trust. The Just Giving page is still open for donations should you be inspired by Ray's challenge, dedicated to Frank's life

For the runners amongst us, check out Ray's running stats here!


Guess my Time


In February 2019 we lost our beloved nephew, cousin and godson Frank Ashton to the chronically under-funded bone cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. 
We would love for you to read more about Frank and his life here: www.bcrt.org.uk/FranksFund and @franks_fund on Instagram. 
On the 19th of September 2021, yes next week, I shall be running in the Reigate Half Marathon 21.1 km. So here is an opportunity to support this massively important cause and join in the excitement of me taking part.
If you can guess my time I will make a donation three times your donation!
1.    Choose a time from this (view only) live spreadsheet (Click here) where you can also study my form.
2.    Go to this Just Giving page, make your donation & leave an identifying name or initial with your guessed time in the message: If you do not give a time I will allocate a time at random.
(I will regularly update the spreadsheet)
If the race is abandoned, I do not finish, or the correct time is not guessed, all donations will go to Franks Fund.
Results will be posted on the Just Giving page.
(to me)