Curiosity is at the heart of the Retail Experience

Google’s 'Curiosity rooms' clinched a total of seven trophies at The Campaign Experience Awards in 2019. The customer experience which took place in the run-up to Christmas 2018 showcased a never-before-seen fusion of fashion, food, culture and technology on the high-street ahead of the festive season. At Swarm, we believe that this groundbreaking brand activation marked a cornerstone in the way that customers experience a brand and how one brand’s product launch can infiltrate the psyche of a consumer more deeply and effectively than simply advertising campaigns of days gone by. 

In 2018; we mused about the launch of Google’s Curiosity Rooms and how we expected it to impact the retail industry and the competitive brand experience marketplace. We take a step back to reflect on how Google and Amazon launched their new products in very different ways - now two years on, how do you think the Curiosity Room has influenced the pop-up brand experience landscape?

November, 2018: 
If you are a retailer reading this, whether B2B or B2C, I honestly believe that now is the time to change your sales strategy across all of your channels. Why? Just look at what is happening right in front of you, right now.

The Google Curiosity Rooms is about to open in London. It is sold out pre-opening every single day of its 32-day run. Once again, let's ask why?

Well, it can't be about the phone. It's the Pixel 3, not the iPhone. It's certainly mainstream but not a phone that everybody must have, though its features are cool.

For me, it's the experience that is winning people over. Events are daily featuring unprovoked learning from a wide-ranging set of artistic and cultural backgrounds. For example, the PAQ boys are challenged to make everyday objects cool and turn this into a live fashion runway. Others include Chefs, Publishers, and mainstream DJ's.

The second point of reference, all of this is embedded in an interactive Pixel 3 environment spread across numerous floors. You are immersed, there is no sale, you just experience.
Compare this to Amazon's more traditional pop up in Baker Street two weeks ago and you only have one winner. Wake up retailers and smell, taste, feel, think, engage with the coffee.