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Swarm produces extraordinary projects for brands, engaging customers across physical/digital installations.


Specialising in customer focused brand engagement to increase footfall, retain loyalty and drive sales with connected experiences across digital and physical channels.


Product and brand experiences at World Expos, exhibitions and festivals. Combining technology and innovation to create unique interactive environments for worldwide audiences.

Marketing & PR

Design, build and implementation of experiential devices for pop up launches, touring campaigns and permanent installations. Sophisticated interactive experiences that wow consumers.

Leisure & Entertainment

Building engineering solutions and innovative software to create magic moments in a brand environment that people love, talk about and share.

Our Work


A brand experience campaign across Canada culminating in a visit to the North pole.

A 6 metre replica of the Budweiser goal light travelled across Canada starting in New Brunswick and across to Vancouver before finally traveling to the most Northerly Inuit community. A distance of over 15,000 kilometres. At each destination the goal light was synced to the “Goal light” app so that real time goals from the teams at any of the cities visited would trigger the goal light and sound a horn.

The Swarm production team were tasked with producing a device which could withstand extreme weather with winds of 140km/hour and temperatures of -40c.

Apart from being our most technically and logistically challenging project the red light campaign won numerous awards. The Red Light campaign achieved unprecedented results across social media, brand awareness, campaign impressions and weekly sales.


As part of O2’s move to their new headquarters building in Slough; Swarm were commissioned to design and build an artistic installation for their atrium building. The piece had to represent the current core brand values but be able to adapt to the companies long term strategy.

Stretching over 12 metres the ribbon of flexible LED screens, with a resolution of 1230 X 64, ascends out of the atrium floor and across the reception area. The polished stainless steel exterior surface reflects the surrounding environment and the unique LED screens communicate the latest campaigns, strategies and real time information.


A moment of brand engagement and opportunity to share with the Footlocker Selfie mirror. Customised from the folio mirror range the selfie mirror collects customer email addresses sends a branded photo and prints out in store.


Situated in a busy thoroughfare of this latest development in the heart of Manchester. The Earth Tubes are the lungs of the CO-OP head office BREEAM rated building. To connect the community with this public space we were asked to develop an interactive installation.

Swarm's solution was a passive movement sensors combined with gesture control of the LED lighting for users on site. In addition a web based app allows control of the tubes from your living room which can be viewed when on site.


The digital launch of Ford Mustang into the UK. An online lottery during the champions league final to sell the first 500 cars during the 90 minute game.

Swarm built 24 country websites, in 17 languages. This included a pre-match awareness site, competition site and post-match results site. All of ford.com traffic during that 90 minutes was directed to our sites. The 500 cars were sold in the first 29 seconds of the game. Over the full 90 mins 9200 people applied to buy with 2 million site visits.


A challenging engineering solution for live broadcast at London fashion week. Unwrapping the whole of the 1000sq/m marquee to reveal the full prorsum into daylight, choreographed to the music, and to close again at the end of the 14 minute show.

Lenovo Yoga Device

For JMW London, a contemporary dolls house activated by voice commands to demonstrate the flexibility of Internet of Things and the specific product capability, of the Lenovo device.

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12 years ago, we set out to create a new model agency that could evolve with consumer expectations and rapidly changing technology.

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