Making a Pledge in Monaco

Swarm have recently been busy collaborating with strategic creative events agency, Shelton Fleming Associates to realise a digital interpretation of their physical stand for the international asset management business, Ninety One, at FundForum International, held in Monte Carlo. 


The activation consisted of a physical tree sculpture made from sustainable & reusable materials, upon which ‘leaves’ in a form of a ‘pledge card’ were hung throughout the day, each emblazoned with a sustainability pledge. On the reverse of each pledge card is a QR code, which when scanned by a QR reader within the booth design, reveals which type of tree is being planted in honour of the pledge. Once the pledge card has been scanned by the user, the pledge is added as a leaf on a digital twin of the pledge tree, which is accessible anywhere on the web, and the user is prompted to hang the pledge upon the physical tree. 


The digital twin of the pledge tree is displayed on a screen a local screen and accessible via a web portal for those who couldn't attend within the booth and automatically detects when a QR code is scanned, activating an animation that shows the user’s leaf landing on the tree. Throughout the day, the digital tree is populated with pledges, replicating the physical tree. 

The user can opt to take a selfie with their pledge card, customising the background colour to match the pledge colour and enter the selfie grid, also visible upon the screen within the booth. 


This activation seamlessly combines a physical and tactile experience for the user with a long-lasting digital experience which enables Ninety One to measure the effectiveness and impact of their campaign.

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