Swarm Explores Brand Experiences

This month’s selection of Swarm’s favourite stories of inspiration and insights from the world of brand experiences include how retailers are enticing consumers back, and not for retail therapy as you’d expect, but instead utilising their spaces for live experiences to bring their brands to life.


Bringing Brand Experiences to a Post Covid World

Has not being able to go out and socialise freely led to us demanding more from brands when we do get out and about? Many believe that consumers now have ‘new needs, new preferences and new values’, so how do we bring brand experiences to the consumer in a post covid world? Forbes explores the need for brands to facilitate digital and physical communities to bring consumers together through culture.

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Event-goers are Spending Nearly Three Times More on Their Trips

Not only are event-goers eagerly booking up tickets to their favourite events, but they’re travelling far and wide and spending nearly three times as much as ever before on attending such events. After months of dreaming of the return to normality and pining for adventure, consumers are now splashing the cash to ensure a memorable experience from their trip, and it’s not only those travelling abroad for events that are spending more, there has been a significant increase in the average spend on domestic events too.

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Five ways to mix virtual and physical installations

We’re thrilled to be seeing an increase in demand for experiential marketing as consumers seek out new experiences and opportunities to interact with brands. But as brands rush to wow their consumers with virtual installations at every turn it’s important to remember not to add technology for technology’s sake. Take the time to consider what is it going to bring to the user and how they will navigate it.

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